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NZ Crystal Premium Vodka 700ml

NZ Crystal Premium Vodka 700ml


NZ Crystal Premium Vodka is blended and produced in New Zealand by a Russian born master blender, who learned the artisan craft from her father.
The amount of impurities in Crystal Vodka is less than 1 part per million (they are not even detected by gas chromatograph). That means the ingredients of Crystal Vodka are only ethanol and water. Most other vodkas contain some harmful impurities between 10 - 25 parts per million. The manufacturers have to use additives (sugar, glycerin etc) to camouflage bitter taste and unpleasant smell.
NZ Crystal has a neutral odour and an extremely pleasant aftertaste because of the purity of it's ingredients. With an abv of 43% (like most premium spirits) this vodka gives a warm and smooth flavour. Perfect consumed neat, in martinis, cosmopolitans and other delicious vodka cocktails.
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700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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