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Bitburger Premium Pilsner 500ml

Bitburger Premium Pilsner 500ml


At Bitburger, the pure pleasure of Pilsner-style beer has been a long family tradition.
Founded in 1817, this seven generation family business is completely dedicated to producing high quality, full flavoured beer. In 1992, Bitburger became the number one draft beer brand in Germany, a position it still holds today.
The straw, pale coloured pilsner is crystal-clear and perfectly hopped, boasting a light malty taste and a lasting foam head with extra-fine bubbles. This all combines for a moment of pure pilsner enjoyment. It’s no wonder the distinct barrel-fresh taste of our Bitburger Premium Pils is a firm favourite amongst beer fans, and the most poured beer in Germany!
This 4.8% abv beer, is an absolute steal under $42.00 for 12 x 500ml!

500mls | Min order: 12 Bottles

RRP$4.99 $3.25