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Solace Small Batch Mixed Gins 700ml

Solace Small Batch Mixed Gins 700ml


These small batch mixed gins include 1 x Solace London Dry Gin 700ml and 1 x Solace Cranberry & Raspberry Gin 700ml! Total twin pack cost is $116.
Proudly New Zealand owned & operated, Kings Liquor were established in 1985 in West Auckland. They started out simply crafting just a few liqueurs and a couple of spirits supplying the local market. Now they produce a full portfolio of well known liquor brands including super premium spirits, with export customers all across the globe.
These small batch, premium handcrafted gins are gently infused with select botanicals. Both gins are triple distilled for exquisite smoothness. The London Dry Gin has a classic juniper taste and is divine when mixed with your favourite tonic, soda or shaken & stirred in a fabulous martini or gin cocktail.
The pink gin is gently infused with select botanicals, including dried cranberries & raspberries. Soft, fragrant & delicious with your favourite mixer.
Made right here in New Zealand, these gins are expertly crafted, and not to be missed. 42.2% abv.

700mls | Min order: 2 Bottles

RRP$79.99 $58.00