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Beenleigh Artisan Distillers White Rum 1000ml

Beenleigh Artisan Distillers White Rum 1000ml


From Queensland Australia, Beenleigh White Rum is matured for a full two years in small ex-brandy vats, before sliding through our unique carbon filtering process to remove the heavier oak notes and its colour.
The result of all this artistry is an expertly crafted profile that’s perfect for cocktails. The soft mouth feel carries some wonderfully diverse and subtle flavours; a hint of vanilla, a touch of oak and the delicious character of our single-source molasses.
Amazing value under $40 and recent GOLD MEDAL WINNER at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards in 2018.

1000mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

RRP$49.99 $39.99