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Grolsch Premium Lager 450ml

Grolsch Premium Lager 450ml


One of the oldest beers in the world with over 400 years of brewing history and craftsmanship, enjoyed by the Dutch since 1615.
This North European lager is brewed for longer, using two hop varieties and double fermented with 100% malt base. In the 1920's just as every other brewer were changing to the bottle tops (or corks) Grolsch stuck with the Swingtop. Well, why change a brand icon?
From the first initial sweetness, to the final rounded bitterness, Grolsch is distinctive and perfectly balanced with a clean, biscuity malt character.
While best before 16/07/19, this great lager will continue to drink well for some time yet.
Great value at $45 for 12 x 450ml bottles! At 5.0% ABV, enjoy on it's own or great with fish & chicken dishes, light salads and pasta.

450mls | Min order: 12 Bottles

RRP$6.99 $3.99