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VnC Mojito Cocktail 725ml

VnC Mojito Cocktail 725ml


Perfect for summer, VnC Cocktails are made right here in New Zealand. Mixed impeccably from real fruit juices and the finest spirits, these naturally delicious cocktails are ready to serve.
Whoever said magic is all in the mind has no taste buds. It’s all in the mouth. It’s all in the Mojito. Cuban dreams with every sweet sip. This awesome cocktail has a naturally sweet and refreshing taste of real lime juice infused with fresh mint and premium vodka. Delicious!!
A Caribbean favourite, VnC 'Ready to Drink' Mojito is amazing chilled, and served over ice, but also try it frozen as a slushy, or make ice blocks for those long hot evenings.
At 11.4% abv, this is a super buy under $25!

725mls | Min order: 2 Bottles

RRP$26.99 $22.99