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Good George Pale Ale Squealer 946ML

Good George Pale Ale Squealer 946ML


If we told you that Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, you’d probably think for a minute then make a joke about how they don’t have much competition. That’s okay, they can handle it, they don’t take life too seriously. They're darn serious about brewing though.
Good George came to life after a bunch of friends got together and decided, after years in hospitality and brewing, it was time to create their own craft beer brand. If you're looking to step up from your usual pale ale, look no further. Hiding beneath its pale hue are pockets of citrus & balanced biscuity brilliance.
Awesome for sharing, this big 946ml Squealer is a bargain under $15. ABV 4.5%.

946mls | Min order: 4 Bottles

$18.00 $14.99