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Good George Rose Cider 330ml (1 CASE LEFT)

Good George Rose Cider 330ml (1 CASE LEFT)


SHORT DATE SPECIAL. Best before 23/06/22, hence the super hot price. Will continue to drink well for some time yet!
Mmm... it's rose pink coloured and a cider, and by George it's good!
Introducing the new cider sensation from Good George... it's Rose Cider with strawberry & lime juice. Now available in convenient 330ml cans you can take on your next picnic, to the beach, BBQ, party, or just treat yourself after a long week. Life is said to look better through rose tinted glasses, we think it’ll be just as sweet with a rosé perspective.
At 4.5% abv Rose Cider looks a luminous pinky orange, has aromas of apple and lime, with a sweet refreshing taste of strawberries and vanilla. Your new favourite rosé isn't a wine this time.
Perfect for sipping on the sofa. Enjoy!

330mls | Min order: 12 Cans

RRP$3.99 $2.99