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Vickers Gin & Tonic 250ml

Vickers Gin & Tonic 250ml


Just passed best before 02/10/19, these awesome G&T's are reduced to clear!
In regency-era London, brothers John & Joseph Vickers created a drink of exceptional refinement and purity. Generations have since sought out Vickers Gin for its sophisticated dimension in refreshment.
The crisp poised blend of aromatics and botanicals is distilled to crystal clarity in the true London Dry Gin tradition. Blended with classic tonic, and a hint of lime, the flavour is refreshingly crisp with notes of citrus, floral characters, and beautifully balanced with evergreen Juniper. This smooth London Dry Gin & Tonic shows typical botanical complexities and an elegance that's purely Vickers gin. Perfectly convenient in this single serve 250ml can at 4.9% abv, the price & flavour is to die for.
Vickers London Dry Gin won a GOLD MEDAL at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2012. Be quick!!

250mls | Min order: 12 Cans

RRP$4.25 $2.10