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Santiago de Cuba White Rum 1000ml

Santiago de Cuba White Rum 1000ml


Rumours have it the Rums of Santiago de Cuba were Fidel Casto's favourite. This isn't surprising considering Santiago de Cuba was founded in 1862, and is known as the official Rum of Cuba.
Produced in one of Cuba's largest distilleries, with more than 9 million litres sold annually, it's easy to see why Santiago de Cuba Rums are so popular. The lightness and smoothness of Santiago de Cuba makes this a standout 'Carta Blanca' white rum. Perfect for mixing, its hot, mellow and fruity flavours will delight your Cuban cocktails.
While Cubans usually enjoy their rum neat and just poured over ice, it is more widely mixed and used in famous cocktails such as the Mojito, Daiquiris, Pina Coladas and other long drinks.
This is an excellent price for a premium Cuban white rum! Happy mixing!
Available for same/next day delivery in North, Central & West Auckland.

1000mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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