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Amarula Cream Liqueur 700ml

Amarula Cream Liqueur 700ml


This delicious creamy African liqueur made from exotic Marula berries, is a must stock for everybody's liquor cabinet!
The sacred Marula tree grows wild and uncultivated in Africa. The fruit is handpicked by local communities, and naturally fermented and distilled in copper pot stills. The spirit is then matured for 2 years in aged oak barrels, which imparts the distinct wood spice characteristics of vanilla and caramel. It's then naturally enhanced further by the addition of cream, to create a rich and velvety smooth taste.
The shape of an African elephant’s tusks are also sculpted into the bottle. This is inspired by Africa’s majestic elephants who are known to walk for miles just to taste the ripe Marula fruit. Every bottle of Amarula features a distinctive tassel made by the hands of dedicated and empowered African women.
With 17% abv, Amarula was awarded the Trophy for Best Liqueur in the World at the IWSC competition in 2007. Limited stocks!

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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