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Scapegrace Premium Dry Gin 700ml

Scapegrace Premium Dry Gin 700ml


Two guys from New Zealand who didn’t know each other until one married the others sister and then they did. A year sitting in bars and lounges discussing how they always wanted to make their own gin. This is how two brothers-in-law and a part time musician got in to a lot of debt and created a gin that won gold in London and San Francisco.
This award winning Gin sources the best ingredients from around the globe. The true magic in Scapegrace is in the way they blend the botanicals, the way they balance and combine them.
The Combination? The botanicals are macerated in a pure wheat based neutral grain spirit, distilled in a John Dore copper pot still and brought back to earth with glacial waters from the Southern Alps. This provides a modern fresh, elegant, citrus leading dry gin fashioned for today's modern consumer!
Unbelievably good! If you're a gin lover and you've not tried Scapegrace, now's your chance to see why it's a world beater! 42.2% abv.

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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