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Coopers Birell Ultra Light Beer 375ml

Coopers Birell Ultra Light Beer 375ml


Coopers Birell has all the hallmarks of a great premium beer. It has a rich golden colour, and has a full malty aroma and flavour with one important difference: an alcohol content of only 0.5%.
The flavour is initially sweet but is balanced by the moderately high bitterness and finishes with a soft body with good carbonation and crisp after-bitterness.
No additional sugar or other adjunct is used as an additional carbohydrate source. The barley malt is grown and malted in South Australia in accordance with Coopers’ specification. The Australian grown hop variety called Pride of Ringwood provides the hop bitterness.
This beer would be best suited to accompany foods like pasta or Asian dishes which match the bitterness in the beer. Carbs 4.15 Grams per 100ml. Energy 91 Kilojoules per 100ml, 21 Calories per 100ml.
A fantastic brew with basically zero alcohol. Enjoy!

375mls | Min order: 24 Bottles

RRP$2.99 $2.35