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Good George, Great Mixed Selection

Good George, Great Mixed Selection


By George, this is good! A great selection of Good George Brews including 6 x 330ml Cans of Lager, Pale Ale, IPA and Rose Cider. That's 24 x 330ml for $71.76 (equates to $17.94 per 6 pk).
The GC Lager uses less traditional hops than the pilsner to deliver a more experimental hop aroma that leans more towards citrus and floral smells. A lighter base malt has allowed the hop aroma to dominate. This is a refreshing, hoppy lager, that delivers flavour in spades. 4.2% abv.
Pale Ale:
If you're looking to step up from your usual 'ho-hum' pale ale, look no further. Hiding beneath its pale hue are pockets of citrus & balanced biscuity brilliance. Scared of that bitterness? Take another sip. 4.5% abv
Hoptimistic IPA:
GC have reined in their IPA to make it a bit less full-on, and more friendly and approachable... just like us! It's much the same as the Pale Ale but with more malt sweetness and slightly less bitterness. This is a seriously tasty brew and very well balanced. 4.9% abv.
Rose Cider:
Delicious apple cider with strawberry & lime juice. This tastes out of this world! A sweet refreshing flavour of strawberries, citrus and vanilla. Your new favourite rosé isn't a wine this time. 4.5% abv.
Available for same/next day delivery in North, Central & West Auckland.

330mls | Min order: 24 Cans

RRP$3.50 $2.99