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Deco City 1931 Vodka 1000ml

Deco City 1931 Vodka 1000ml


On 3 February 1931, most of Napier and nearby Hastings was levelled by an earthquake. The collapses of buildings and the ensuing fires killed 256 people. The centre of the town was destroyed by the earthquake, and later rebuilt in the Art Deco style popular at that time. Napier and the area of South Beach, Miami, Florida, are considered to be the two best-preserved Art Deco Cities in the world.
Our Deco City 1931 Vodka pays homage to the 1931 earthquake. Napier & Hastings were re built in the Art Deco style which is reflected in our premium spirits which are crafted in one of Napier’s original Art Deco buildings.
Distilled 7 times and filtered in active carbon, “Deco City 1931” is one of the most versatile vodkas on the market today. With its uncompromisingly pure taste and exceptionally smooth finish, it can be enjoyed on the rocks, in your favourite mixer or part of any sophisticated cocktail.
Fantastic value for a premium NZ Vodka in the big 1000ml bottle. 40% abv.

1000mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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