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Paulaner 0% Weissbier 500ML

Paulaner 0% Weissbier 500ML


Paulaner has stood for the highest quality brewing and Bavarian beer culture since 1634.
The long-established family-owned company in Munich now exports to over 70 countries, and is World renowned for producing a wide range of diverse beers from classics like Weissbier and Hell to specialties like Salvator and Oktoberfest Bier, and even this awesome low alcohol creation.
The Hefe-Wessbier Low Alcohol has the same full weissbier flavour but sits at just 0.5% abv. A great thirst quencher, which can turn a break in your day into a truly Bavarian taste experience.
Fantastic value under $5.00 for 500ml.

500mls | Min order: 20 Bottles

RRP$5.99 $4.99