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1919 Pineapple Bits Gin 700ml

1919 Pineapple Bits Gin 700ml


New Zealand had always been partial to a tipple or two, and in December 1919 the prohibition vote reached a tantalising 49.7%. No one knew it at the time, but this would be the closest New Zealand would ever get to introducing prohibition. Eureka! “1919 Distilling” was born in honour of the 50.3% of kiwis that stood up for their right to enjoy a tipple.
Batch one sold out in 48 hours! And received rave reviews! Don’t regret missing out on this limited release batch!
The first limited release in The Kiwiana Collection, Pineapple Bits, we are pretty sure Kiwis will agree it's just as delicious as the original 1950's recipe from Oamaru. Dear we say even better in gin form for summer! With the delectable infusion of pineapple and other natural botanicals, enjoy served over ice around the BBQ or soaking up some rays by the pool. 41% abv.
It’s hard to resist with reviews like this: "You simply nailed it, that NZ flavour, got it on the very first sip #newfav #newfavorite.
"1919 is one of the most aromatic, rich and complex gins I have had the pleasure to taste. In fact, it has knocked Monkey 47 off the top spot after 3 years and is my new all time favourite" - Mothers Ruin.

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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