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SWIM Tropical Passion Vodka Soda 330ml

SWIM Tropical Passion Vodka Soda 330ml

NO Sugar, NO Preservatives! SAVE 30%

SWIM is a delicious & refreshing lightly caffeinated vodka soda. New Tropical Passion uses all natural flavours to create a crisp tropical fruit blast, and energy boost with a subtle tangy bite.
SWIM started after two best friends were unimpressed at the legal alternatives for staying awake in a nightclub. Two years later after a lot of R&D, late nights, blood, sweat & tears... this low cal, energy boosting pre-mix party drink was born.
In every can of SWIM you’ll find vodka that’s been distilled five times for an amazing smoothness, and just a tiny dash of caffeine. It's also extremely low in calories, but big on flavour, and with 4.8% abv.

330mls | Min order: 12 Cans

RRP$4.99 $3.50