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St Remy Brandy VSOP 700ml

St Remy Brandy VSOP 700ml


The No 1 French Brandy worldwide, St-Remy has conquered markets around the globe from the USA to Nigeria and is the best selling Brandy in New Zealand.
It's easy to see why. As 100% authentic French Brandy, St Remy is produced from grapes harvested in the most prestigious vineyards of France such as Bordeaux, Languedoc and Beaujolais. The young brandy is aged in little French Limousin oak barrels, and spends a longer period in wooden vats.
The resulting brandy is an amber colour with golden highlights. The blend of the fruitiness and the “acid drop” of the eau-de-vie reveal notes of cherries and raspberries with touches of vanilla and oak. A very complex brandy thanks to richness of the distillates from the French vineyards.
At first, the flavour is strong and dry, then rounded with a fine complexity. Red fruits characters, vanilla and woody notes. A very suave and well balanced brandy indeed. 37% abv.
Gold Medal - San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition.

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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