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Coopers Original Sparkling Ale Cans 375ml

Coopers Original Sparkling Ale Cans 375ml


Coopers is Australia's oldest family owned & run brewery located in South Australia.
Brewing is in their blood. For six generations they've been custodians of a proud legacy that began in 1862 when Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of ale. Their passion for brewing has kept them together and helped them through economic recessions, wars, government imposts, changing tastes, and the occasional hostile takeover bid.
Today, Coopers' unique brand of naturally conditioned ales and stouts are enjoyed around the world and they're still making these beers using the same traditional brewing methods that Thomas did. So when they say hand-made by the Cooper family, they mean it.
Little has changed since Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of Sparkling Ale in 1862. It's still naturally conditioned in the bottle with our unique strain of Coopers yeast. To enjoy the complete Sparkling experience, roll the bottle to mix in the yeast sediment before pouring. No additives. No preservatives. 5.8% abv.
This iconic 'winemakers' ale is an absolute must buy at this price!

375mls | Min order: 24 Cans

RRP$3.50 $2.99