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Citizen Pale Ale Cans 440ml

Citizen Pale Ale Cans 440ml


Every year, around the world, we waste a third of the food we produce.
Citizen was started by a bunch of people who want to change this.
Every Citizen beer is made using edible surplus bread. Every can uses the fermentable starches from one rescued bread slice. Slice by slice, it adds up. We then use our brew mash to create a high-quality, nutritious, spent-grain flour that we use to bake Citizen breads.
Lively with big zesty citrus, tropical fruits + a toasty backbone. 5% ABV
Crafted with our friends at Sawmill Brewery. Each brew uses a quarter less malted barley, saving resources and avoiding emissions. Each brew repurposes 585 plastic bread bags and tags into fenceposts.
Thanks to Goodman Fielder, Foodstuffs and Farro Fresh for their surplus bread.

440mls | Min order: 6 Cans

RRP$9.99 $5.99