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Badger Hopping Hare Ale 500ml

Badger Hopping Hare Ale 500ml


Badger Beers have been passionately brewed in Dorset since 1777.
Frisky Legs, Amber Eyes, Hedge Hoppers and Skidaddlers. Though they’re known by dozens of deliciously different names, when hares pour onto Purbeck Ridge each spring to hop, box and dance till dawn, they live up to the fame of the name we know best – the ‘Mad March Hare’.
This light, hoppy pale ale is a marriage of aromatic citrus American Amarillo and Cascade hops and the finest barley. Fresh, crisp & delicious on a super hot summer's day. 4% ABV. Hop to it! You'd be 'mad' not to!

500mls | Min order: 8 Bottles

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