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Eagle Waggle Dance Honey Beer 500ml

Eagle Waggle Dance Honey Beer 500ml


The Eagle Brewery was previously a Charles Wells brewery site and is now part of Marston's wider business. The Eagle Brewery continues to brew many of the former Charles Wells brewery brands sold to Marston's, including the rebranded Wells Waggle Dance.
Unusual name, unusual beer! The 'Waggle Dance' is the movement a bee does to alert the colony of a new source of nectar. You'd be forgiven for wanting to get your own dancing shoes on after trying this seductive golden beer.
With a touch of honey on the nose and palate, this delightful pale ale has a delicate flavour of hops & honey, with a lingering dry finish. 5.0% abv.
A top notch refreshing summer brew. Enjoy!

500mls | Min order: 8 Bottles

RRP$9.99 $7.50