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Badger Tangle Foot Golden Ale 500ml

Badger Tangle Foot Golden Ale 500ml


Badger Beers have been passionately brewed in Dorset since 1777. Their Tangle Foot Golden Ale is an iconic brew, and it's easy to see why.
Our family has always kept its feet on the ground. Well, except for the night that gave name to our legendary golden ale. On that evening, years ago, we gathered at Blandford to sample head brewer John Woodhouse’s latest wonder. So rounded and fruity was it, that a proper old knees up ensued and the legend of Tangle Foot was born.
A deceptively drinkable golden ale, the finest barley, Goldings and Challenger hops deliver balanced flavours of crisp malt and subtle hop, with a delicate pear drop aroma. 5.0% abv.
The Legendary Tangle Foot was crafted in the 80s, and it’s still just as iconic as the Rubik’s Cube. Get in!

500mls | Min order: 8 Bottles

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