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Absolut Vodka 1000ml

Absolut Vodka 1000ml


Absolut Vodka, introduced in the US in 1979, is the fourth largest international premium spirit in the world and is available in 126 markets. It's easy to see why.
Produced from winter wheat, it's the hardy wheat grain that gives Absolut its super smooth grain character. Every year approximately 80,000 tons are used to produce Absolut. Over one kilo (two pounds) of grain is used for every one-litre bottle. Absolut uses a unique process called continuous distillation, introduced in the nineteenth century by “The Vodka King”, Lars Olsson Smith. Absolut is distilled hundreds of times until all impurities have been removed. 40% abv.
Since its launch in 1979, Absolut has achieved significant worldwide sales growth, with some 600,000 bottles of produced every day. Every bottle is still produced in Åhus, in southern Sweden.

1000mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

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