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Cashmere Creme Liqueur 1000ml

Cashmere Creme Liqueur 1000ml


Proudly New Zealand owned & operated, Kings Liquor were established in 1985 in West Auckland. They started out simply crafting just a few liqueurs and a couple of spirits supplying the local market. Now they produce a full portfolio of well known liquor brands, with export customers all across the globe.
Cashmere Creme is without doubt the jewel in Kings' crown. The rich, velvety, elegant taste has been delicately blended with their finest spirits. The balance of sweetness with the spirit is alluring, and the soft, luscious, silky texture is to die for. 14% ABV.
The perfect gift for somebody special, enjoy Cashmere after dinner, served over ice, or in your favourite coffee. Get adventurous and try in a divine Mudslide cocktail, White Russian or layer with Midori for a delicious Irish Frog Shooter!
Fantastic value in the big 1000ml bottle. Enjoy!

1000mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

RRP$38.99 $29.99