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Empire Vodka 1000ml

Empire Vodka 1000ml


Proudly New Zealand owned & operated, Kings Liquor were established in 1985 in West Auckland. They started out simply crafting just a few liqueurs and a couple of spirits supplying the local market. Now they produce a full portfolio of well known liquor brands, with export customers all across the globe.
Produced by Kings, Empire Vodka is a triple distilled, smooth and light-bodied vodka, made in the Kings Liquor tradition with our charcoal filtration process, giving Empire a clean, fresh finish. The perfect base spirit for popular vodka cocktails including the Screwdriver, Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Martini and more. 37% abv.
This classic, traditional vodka is terrific value under $45 for a big 1000ml bottle.

1000mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

RRP$49.99 $44.99