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Tread Softly Pink Vodka 700ml

Tread Softly Pink Vodka 700ml


As one of Australia’s most progressively conscious brands, Tread Softly is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and so commits to planting an Australian Native Tree for every dozen sold. Since launching in 2019 they have been responsible for planting over 500,00 native trees in conjunction with Carbon Neutral, ensuring the future of the environment is in good hands.
Our next goal is to hit a target of one million trees and in the process building a Tread Softly Forest. Every six bottles sold of the Tread Softly range will ensure another tree is planted. You raise a glass, we raise a forest.
Tasting Note: Subtle floral aromatics from restrained use of strawberry gum and pepper leaf makes for a pure style with heightened notes of strawberry. The palate is smooth and elegant. Suitable on the rocks or with premium mixer. 37% ABV.

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

RRP$69.99 $59.99