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The Fuck Stops Here 2023 Gin 700ml

The Fuck Stops Here 2023 Gin 700ml


It’s been a fuck'n crazy couple of years since March 2020 and our first taste of Covid Level 4. Who knew then what a chaotic and wild ride it would be through levels, traffic lights and borders.
Here at Good George we responded in the best way we knew and started making Gin. In our first edition we told 2020 to Fuck Off and when that didn’t end the chaos in 2022 we asked What was Fucking next?
Now we complete the series with the 2023 edition called the Final Fuck because well, we think that we’re moving on from Covid (or should be), and we’ve no more fucks to give. So here’s our final gold plated fuck handcrafted especially for you.
Style: Modern fruit forward floral gin.
Tasting notes: Mandarin and citrus notes on top, complemented with earthy spice notes of cardamom and star anise. 40% ABV.

700mls | Min order: 1 Bottle

RRP$76.99 $68.50