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Cow Town Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Stout 946ml

Cow Town Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Stout 946ml


If we told you that Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, you’d probably think for a minute then make a joke about how they don’t have much competition. That’s okay, they can handle it, they don’t take life too seriously. They're darn serious about brewing though.
When you live alongside a million cows sometimes you've got to milk the situation. Turns out if you feed them hazelnuts and chocolate and wait a week or two their milk turns straight into a stout.
Cowtown uses freshly roasted Hazelnuts and Cocoa nibs for a milk stout mouth feel with Hazelnut up front and a delicious chocolate ending. Keep well away from cows in heat, they love the packaging. 5.5% ABV.
Aroma: Hazelnut with Roasted chocolate backdrop
Taste: Full milk Stout mouth feel with Hazelnut up front with a slight chocolate ending.
Hops: Pacific Jade, Pacifica
Malt: Ale, Munich, Chocolate, Crystal, Roast Barley, Oats
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946mls | Min order: 2 Bottles

RRP$17.99 $14.99